Manual Directory submission is a process of submitting your web site to free, non reciprocal web directories by humans. The major factor in this service is wither the site has been actually submitted or you have just send the list of directories.

The majority of directory submitting work is executed from India and now like old concept of work at home it is now transferring the hand of free lancer or inexperienced submitting workers. Lot of freelance having no legal entity even not registered with Indian Government to carry on IT or IT related services to customer abroad in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europeans countries are offering there services at various popular SEO forums like Digital Point, V7n and others. This is a best place of unathorised people to carry on IT related business and three no body as for any legal entity. Just create a email account and open account with there community forums and start selling any SEO products.

They are offering directory submission services at so low prices that it is difficult to even recover the cost of labor with that price how a quality manual submission can be provided. They submit in few sites and add few directories in the execution list without submitting them. This is the best way to reduce the cost or to charge a low price.

This is a manual work and how much submission a manual directory submitter can do in a day so they try to get involve other worker which are not experienced to execute there order and which result into low quality as well as low quality submission.

I have found free lancer offering 3000 directories submission after SubmitShop launched the services how an individual can find a database of 3000 directories and can submit where as we are company of more that 50 manual directory submitter involved into all kind of process finding it difficult to execute.

So my advice to be careful while assigning directory submission services. Try to get some reputed directory submission company rather than free lancer just to save few bucks.