Over recent years, e-commerce businesses have boomed because of the convenience and accessibility online shopping gives to consumers regardless of factors such as distance and location. But if you’re planning to commission your own online store consider the following tips to ensure your website is user friendly simple to use, to help ensure that your e-commerce business generates maximum sales.

Contact information and phone numbers should be visible and easy for the shoppers to see

While e-commerce sites provide hassle free online shopping to customers, it is also important to remember to provide clear contact information because some customers opt to contact sellers directly if they have any queries regarding certain products. This helps to instill customer confidence and reduce shopping basket drop-out.

Provide different payment and shipping alternatives

Convenience is the main essence of online shopping. Therefore, it is imperative to provide your customers with as many different payment and shipping options as possible depending on their accessibility to your customers.

Include the price of the item, amount saved and any other surcharges right away

Complete product information helps customers to decide whether to buy an item on your website or not. Shoppers generally want to know early in their shopping process all the charges they could incur.

Provide product information

Clear, well written, detailed and compelling product information will help you increase sales. The captions you create for product pages plus the home page copy, buttons, messages, and calls to action can all influence whether a customer decides to buy, clicks through, adds something to a wish list, or whether they visit another site.

Keep your headlines direct and simple and use keywords that clearly describe the item. This should be the first thing customers see upon clicking a certain section in your website.

These are just some of the basic best practices you need to remember when seeking a partner to build your own e-commerce website. If you want to increase your site’s usability and have enhanced features, you can seek the help of companies that offer an ecommerce business solution. These companies provide tailored ecommerce solutions depending on your needs and the lay out you want for your website.