If you want impress others with your great air hockey skills, then you need to learn the techniques and tips that work. The most important thing to remember, that just like any sport or game, practice makes perfect and you can't become an excellent air hockey player overnight.

Even though some people may disagree, air hockey is a sport and just like any sport, a player needs to have the proper form to win the game. Most beginners will not hold the mallet correctly when playing air hockey. The mallet should be grasped behind the knob and not over the top of it. This hold gives the player more control and also more agility in their wrist. This allows for faster movements that are more accurate which is rather important to winning the game.

When you are defense, you to be aware of where the puck is at all times. Never take your eyes off the puck. To best protect your goal, keep the mallet approximately a foot away from the front of the goal. This gives you the best defense against most of the shots in air hockey as you can react quicker with this position.

The secret to shooting when you are on offense is to have control of the puck. Many times players get excited and too into the game and they try shooting without having control of the puck. You may get lucky every once in awhile and score a goal, but if you want to be a great hockey player you need to show control of the puck. This helps you to determine what the best shot is instead of just randomly shooting at the goal.

There are a couple of other tips to keep in mind when attempting to score in air hockey First, the best shots are usually aimed at the corners of the air hockey table. If you can get the puck back by the corners, most of the time, the puck will get into the goal for a score.

Secondly, you need to shoot the puck hard and get speed on it. The whole point is to get the puck past your opponent and into the goal, which requires speed. Along with this, try to avoid hitting the rails of the air hockey table too many times when trying to score. Bank shots are good shots to have, but hitting the rails too many times slows down the momentum of the puck, making it easier on the defense to stop the puck.