As usual at Christmas, there is much talk of what will be this year’s must have toys. Toys such as Elmo Live by Fisher-Price are, as you can expect many experts forecast list. This year however, the crown of the most wanted toys May not go to any well-established multi-nationals. Instead of this year's Christmas's most sought-May intruder R4 Nintendo DS.

R4 opens the possibility of a DS to read from an SD card. This opens a lot of possibilities. One is that the Nintendo DS will be compatible with homebrew applications, which can be stored on the SD and added to the R4.

Since the R4 gives its users many opportunities to use their DS in many ways, he was seen crawling up the Amazon list of best-sellers. Although it will probably not be on the news as the best selling toys of Christmas, because it is not in stock street stores yet, it could face problems of stock, as all the best toys.
It’s an example of the type of application for the R4 DS Organize. This software lets you use your DS as an office suite. It includes a file browser, web browser, text editor, image editor, calculator, calendar, contacts list, among other useful functions.

Moon shell is an operating system of the R4 that allows you to navigate through the homebrew applications, as well as integrating an MP3 player, video and photo viewer. There are several operating systems available, but Moon shell is the most popular.

The R4 also allows people to stay in touch with their friends and family. Homebrew applications enable users to connect to their MSN, AIM or Yahoo Messenger. Most interesting of all, Skype can also be used with the R4. This means that the DS may well be used as a cell phone as long as a Wi-Fi is available.

DS Libris allows the DS to display eBooks, turn the machine in a small library of books for you to read at your pleasure. DSVNC can be used to control a PC. Boro DS is a Web browser. The list of new ways to use a DS with an R4 continues.

Nintendo really not have much of potential for the DS, first by the exclusion of a flash player like the PSP has. The R4 has correct this problem, but Nintendo are keen to have people to use their own device for reading flash memory card, so they have introduced a new model of DS, the ISD.

The main reason for the flash drive in the DSI is to store the pictures taken on new cameras to the ISD and music files. It seems unlikely that Nintendo will allow homebrew applications to be run by the ISD, but Nintendo R4 had a history of strict control over what is published on their systems.

Nintendo, perhaps have strict controls of the steam from the early 80s, when the video game market is in decline due to a large number of poor-quality games that flooded the market. In response, the Nintendo Entertainment System is the first console to include a chip that has prevented games is made without the approval of Nintendo.

This has far of choice. The R4 is the choice of return.