Multi-level marketing or MLM is becoming more and more popular, as individuals all over the world realize the huge income opportunities available. However, the MLM system is very unique, and is often misunderstood. We're going to discuss some of the common questions people have regarding this marketing method. Hopefully, you'll end up a little wiser to the wonders of MLM!


1.      Why should you recruit people who will end up competing with you?


Many individuals who are contemplating entering the world of multi-level marketing worry about this issue. They wonder why anyone would want to sell products to a person who will only end up turning around and selling those exact same goods or services to yet another person. This is a very fair question.

However, the truth is that you shouldn't view the people you recruit as your competition. They aren't really your competitors, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. You will end up sharing a specified percentage of the profits from each person you directly recruit. Hence, your goal is to recruit as many people as possible who will then recruit as many others as they can, and so on down the line. With this unique marketing method, everyone involved will end up making more money as more people join.


2.      Isn't MLM just like an illegal pyramid scheme?


Although multi-level marketing has some similarities to a pyramid scheme, it is a very different and completely LEGAL method. Unfortunately, many people still incorrectly assume that MLM is exactly the same as a pyramid scheme. With multi-level marketing, you get paid to sell your MLM products to other participants. If these individuals are not already a member of the company, you need to sign them up. These people then sell the products to more people, until a large network is formed.

You will share a percentage of the profits for every distributor you have signed up for the MLM company. Bonuses for signing a certain number of new members or for selling a specified amount of MLM products are very common. They motivate MLM distributors to succeed.

Pyramid schemes also rely on members recruiting individuals to become distributors who sell products or services. Signing up more recruits also brings you more money just like in MLM. However, this is where the similarities end. Illegal pyramid schemes focus on getting as much of your money from you as possible so you can turn around and then try to convince others to part with their cash. You receive no goods or services for your money and the only people who usually make money are the ones at the very top. With MLM companies, the emphasis is to sell high volumes of their product without requiring you to spend a lot of money.


3.      Will every MLM business make me a lot of money without any effort?


Unfortunately, the answer to this common question is no. Despite many of the widespread claims, becoming a multi-level marketing distributor requires a lot of commitment, energy and dedication. MLM opportunities can earn you a very healthy income, but only if you spend the necessary time learning the business. You need to expand your sales and networking skills and devote some of your time to making your business succeed. This is not a "get rich quick" scheme, but it can be very financially rewarding if you are prepared to work hard.

If you enter the world of multi-level marketing with unrealistic expectations, you are only setting yourself up to fail. Instead, take advantage of the vast support network available, learn from other MLM distributors and make yourself a commitment to succeed. You'll soon discover that you can be as successful as you want to be!

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