Imagine taking it easy lying back in the sun with a glass of wine in your hand, listening to your favourite music or even watching a dvd while being gently massaged by thousands of tiny bubbles… welcome to the joys of owning your own hot tub! Stepping into your very own hot tub may seem like an indulgence, but it is truly an extraordinary, rejuvenating way to improve your overall health.

Hot tub construction
Most modern hot tubs are manufactured using a vacuum forming system, the
acrylic base is made by placing the sheet over a mold and heating with an overhead heater while pulling a vacuum on the mold. Another manufacturing process of modern day hot tubs is called rotational molding which involves placing polyethylene powder in an aluminum mold which is then heated and spun in a large oven so that the plastic melts and takes the form of the mold.

understructure of the shell provides the strength needed to support hundreds of gallons of water and the weight of the bathers. substructure is generally made of fibreglass. Some manufacturers build a self-supporting shell, while others use secondary supports of wood or metal under the seats or in high-stress areas to reduce the amount of fibreglass required. The cabinet around the hot tub serves as both an enclosure for the plumbing and a decorative covering of base and the plumbing below, the cabinet can be made from wood (especially cedar) but synthetic materials are becoming increasingly popular because they require relatively little maintenance to keep their appearance looking nice.

The plumbing of a hot tub consists of a pressure system that delivers water to the jets and a suction system returning water to the pumps. The water is also passed throug a filtration system to help clean the water.

3 good reasons for buying your own hot tub:

1. Relaxation & Health

Hot water therapy is one of the oldest forms of relaxation known to humanity. After a challenging day, your hot tub will be ready for you; to massage tense muscles, re-juvenate the mind and prepare you for the evening. The healing sensation of hydrotherapy increases your circulation and blood flow and the soothing massage of the jets target every muscle with incredible precision, you’ll rediscover just how good life really is with each remarkable soak.

2. Social Life

The perfect compliment to a party, a good reason to invite friends round or an opportunity for fun with the family; the hot tub will become a focal point for getting together and appeals to all ages.

3. Romance

The pleasure of owning your own home hot tub will add a sparkle to any relationship. It is the perfect antidote to a hectic and stressful lifestyle.

Hot tubs are a great investment that you will enjoy many happy hours relaxing in… you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without one.

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