Trampolining is a great way for all the family to have fun together – with the added benefit of keeping fit at the same time.

Some experts say a 10-minute workout on a trampoline is as good for your body as a 30-minute run.

Remember, despite the fun, trampolines are also dangerous if strict safety rules are not followed.

Most of the precautions you should take trampolining are commonsense, and here are 10 top safety tips to help you put some bounce back in to your life with your trampoline:

1.    Always have an adult available to supervise children on a trampoline

2.    Don’t forget your ‘pre-flight’ check – test the frame and springs to make sure there are no defects

3.    Trampolines are not bouncy castles – only one person should be on the trampoline at a time

4.    Unless you are a trained stuntman stick to the basics.

Bad landings and unforeseen consequences of your actions can lead to serious injury. If you want to take your skills further, go to a club for expert coaching

5.    Never bounce off a trampoline - climb on and off

6.    Trampolining is fun and a skill, not a hazard for low flying aircraft – don’t jump too high and make sure the trampoline is well away from any overhead hazards

7.    However good the idea appeals at the time, trampolining under the influence of alcohol or drugs – prescribed or not – is not advised.

8.    Remove the ladder to make sure young children are not able to use the trampoline unsupervised.  The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents suggests trampolining is not suitable for the under sixes

9.    Don’t trampoline in the wet, you risk slipping off the trampoline when you land

10.    Always follow the maker’s safety instructions

Other commonsense safety tips include making sure people don’t stand too close when the trampoline is in use and removing obstructions and hazards that someone could fall on.

…And don’t forget the video camera just in case you get a shot to win £250 on TV’s ‘You’ve Been Framed’!