The Strategy management consultant’s field is wide and varied such as feasibility plans and business, economic and financial studies, establishment and incorporation of companies, business brokerage, management consulting, corporate transactions, and corporate crisis plans to address the succession of the family business or pure technical consulting are a few examples of the range of services of a consultant.


Consider first that is a consultant. It is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular domain or area of expertise, whether accounting, technology, law, human resources, sales, medicine, finance, public relations, communication and others. The main role of a consultant or Business consulting companies is to advise on questions on which it has expertise. The consultants also have expertise within their business, this is an example of accounting consultant, with a greater level of expertise in matters relating to accounting or economics in a business as opposed to a trade consultant, sometimes can have a general knowledge but not necessarily deep in some areas.


What it does suggest that Business strategy consultants are to be physicians of the companies, consultant firms usually a generalist in the sense of playing a variety of topics, because they are more closely intertwined than superficial knowledge in the strict sense of the word. The consultant is obliged to know things such as general medical professional is aware of many diseases and ailments. The professional consultant, not the amateur, you must be a thousand questions a day in fiscal, economic, financial, industrial, commercial or different techniques. Then has to study and feed continuously.


The consultant gets a business background, which optioned by extensive contact with various companies in different sectors, as well avoid the situations in different fields. Bearing in mind that although the name of the companies are very different organizational structures are very similar, so the consultant becomes a transmitter of knowledge and technology. (It is worth noting that technology is not only related to the acquisition and implementation of a number of technological gadgets, technology also exists in the sense of improving processes, procedures, organizational structures, etc.) There are some Business consulting companies such as Consult2manage, a leading Business management consultancy, helping the leading organizations with their innovative Business development solutions to lead in their business niche. So using these kinds of serves are now the emerging trend in the corporate world.