Taxes are one of the major contributors to national treasury of any country. These in turn are utilized to carry out all the developmental activities for the benefit of the general masses. Individual taxes and corporate taxes are forms of direct taxes levied by the government. Every country has its financial head in the form of Finance Minister who frames laws concerning the nation’s budget. Each year, these laws are revised to meet the needs of current financial trends. It is mandatory for both individuals and business houses to file their annual tax returns. While it may be quite simple in case of individual returns, it can be quite complex when it comes to accounting for large scale business enterprises. Besides these innumerable financial entries, there is an exhaustive list of legal formalities which have to be complied with. With so many aspects to be taken into account for the calculation of tax, chances of errors are quite high. This is why most business units hire or employ the services of tax return specialists to ensure that errors are avoided. Individuals and small business units, household ventures who do not wish to spend large amount of money in hiring professional tax consultants can refer to tax planning books the fill up their tax returns on the basis of information provided in them. Since tax rates are subject to revision every subsequent year, tax planning may vary from one financial period to another. Tax planning books are useful business books which specially cater to the needs of calculation of corporate taxes. Small business tax planning is all the more crucial for small businessman, as they cannot afford to take huge risks and push the firm into financial crisis. Thus, they too can refer to tax planning books besides small business books to have a better insight into tax exemptions and rebates to save some amount of their funds. Business books related to tax planning are in huge demand these days as every organization employs information contained in them to avoid getting into legal muck. Be it registration of trademark or patents or filing of taxes; innumerable firms have fallen prey to legal proceedings. Tax planning are specifically published business books to comply with tax regulatory authorities governing that country. Any discrepancy in this regard may subject the defaulting company to unnecessary legal proceedings. Small business tax planning is essential if the small business owners intend to make their business a profitable venture. Tax planning books give entrepreneurs an opportunity to compute their firms’ annual tax returns using easy step wise guidelines. These business books prove to be beneficial for all kinds of business entities irrespective of the size and scale of operation. These books are not only informative but also serve as wise mentors guiding business owners on crucial tax related issues. About Author: To know more about tax planning books and small business books, visit 30minutes books!