The world today is burgeoning with unlimited number of business houses cropping up in each and every part of the globe. Many businessmen venture into this challenging field without possessing right attributes required to control a business with the end result leading to acquisition, merger, collaboration or sell out. Business houses at present not only have to focus on core issues of the business but also keep a close watch on latest trends and competitors as well. With the multitude of responsibilities on one’s shoulders it is not possible to manage the affairs of even a small business enterprise with limited knowledge and skill set. One could attend seminars, conferences and consult various experts to enhance knowledge but they all come for a price. One question that may strike in the minds of many inexperienced businessmen and traders is – “How on earth could they access crucial information at an affordable rate?” The answer is Business books! Self study is the best study. Tax planning books, small planning books and other specialized business books on marketing, sales etc. With tax returns, trademarks, patents and goodwill forming a major chunk of corporate suits, businessmen have to exercise much care in matters concerning these issues. Default in payment of taxes can lead to grave legal offence which could stretch to months or even years. Just imagine the amount of the money that would go into such proceedings! Prevention is better than cure. Thus as a prudent businessman, one has to take necessary safeguards to prevent such undesired instances. It is thus essential to plan tax returns in advance using tax planning books. Owners running a small business concern could make use of small business books in order to identify core areas affecting the profit margin and clearing up bottlenecks. Small business tax planning is another important aspect which has to be due consideration if the firm wishes to continue its operations for a considerable number of years. Business books have come to play a key role in educating inexperienced capitalists of the strategies that go into planning and implementation of crucial business policies on the functioning of the organization. Appropriate organization hierarchical structure and effective communication are the backbone of any enterprise. Businessmen can have first hand information with regard to topics like costs, revenue, motivation, performance management, work culture and other business related issues by learning from experiences of professionals. Business books are like pole star that helps business owners through the maze of corporate formalities and comply with them in the prescribed manner. In order to accomplish the organizational goals and short term as well as long term business goals, role of business books cannot be overlooked. By merely following the useful advice and tips of successful business experts, owners can not only reap greater profits but also ensure stable business operation in subsequent years To know more about tax planning books and small business books, visit 30minutes books!