Websites can be created in mainly two formats- dynamic and static. The basic difference between them is about the programming languages being used. In dynamic websites they are created using programming languages like JSP, ASP, PHP, and so on. Whereas static websites are usually created by use of HTML and styling is done either with CSS or graphics.

Both the formats have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Choose the one that meets up your online business requirements. When you use static website, you can sit back and relax without worrying about the database management or code management of the web pages. It would also not show any server errors that occurs due to any runtime error in your website code.

New content can be added to your site, just refer to template page and insert in the content. In short span of time you can make it online. This concept can work well for sometime when your site contains loads of content and have any reliable source for providing quality content, thus you would need to make changes in the HTML pages often. Most of the times it becomes quite difficult to make every minute changes in static pages like menu or style that is common in each page. You would have to open the respective page, make changes in it and then upload it again to the server.

Although creating a dynamic website is little difficult when compared with static website, but in long run you are definitely going to get good results out of it. The credit goes to the use of programming languages like PHP or ASP. The role of programming languages is very important for creation of dynamic web pages helping in website content management dynamically.

Here you can access the site via the browser and make relevant changes in the content and also alter the look and feel of your website. A good CMS system can be installed to your website for better content management which you can find very easily online. In dynamic website you may have to meet up some conditions like display of site content based on users demographics, taking of users' information, storing them, etc.

Such websites also require a strong database for storing the information. Generally a content management system make use of database for storage of content and information like styles and preferences kept by you.

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