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Home Help for Elderly – Bestowing New Life
Suzie Wright
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By Suzie Wright
Published on 07/22/2009
Modern home care providers offer best of medical care and mental support services for sick and elderly people. Wide range of home help services includes companionship, personal and live-in care as well as palliative care for people suffering from terminal illness.

Home Help for Elderly – Bestowing New Life

If you have elderly relatives at home you know how hard it is to take care of them, especially when they are seriously ill or completely unable to perform normal regular activities like normal people. Home care providers play an important part here. With wide range of services and professional help for elderly people home care service providers shares the responsibility and reduce the burden from our shoulders.   


At elderly homes you have nurses and paramedics trained especially to look after aged people. From professional nursing care and companionship to rehabilitative therapies and palliative care home help for elderly covers a wide range of medical and mental support services.


Personal Care: Activities are necessary for living a healthy life. Personal care givers know how to keep elderly people busy in simple activities and exercises.  Other personal cares include:

·         Bathing and toileting

·         Cardiovascular activities

·         Incontinence care for people who are unable to control urination and defecation  

·         Feeding

·         Special diet preparation


So, when you are away from home for longer time period or busy with your work you can ask for personal care services for your old granny without hesitation.


Companionship and Homemaking: Companionship is an integral part of modern ‘live in care’ services for elderly people. Accompanying over a meal or simple conversations with elderly people makes them happy. Companionship services generally cover:


·         Helping in meal preparation

·         Light housekeeping including dusting, sweeping, cleaning home appliances and organizing closets

·         Errands and grocery shopping

·         Washing clothes

·         Recreational activities like board games or a walk outside


Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care: One of the toughest jobs is to take care of people suffering from Alzheimer’s or the loss of memory. It is a disease and patients of dementia need constant attention. Home care services for dementia include:


·         Respite care in the absence of family members

·         Companionship

·         Comprehensive personal care

·         Mind stimulating intellectual activities


If you are a working lady and don’t have much to spend at home you can call for a professional aide.


Palliative Care: A terminal illness is a challenge not only for the patient but for his/her family as well. Home care providers can help you in the most difficult times with their services:


·         Respite care

·         Help in daily activities 

·         Personal care


Live-in Care: Live in care can complement the need of intense care and love that the most elderly people want especially when they have lost the ability to perform normal activities due to age or illness. This service is designed to support old people suffering from:


·         Alzheimer’s disease

·         Neurological problems

·         Parkinson’s disease

·         Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


Apart from paid home care service agencies there are several social service organizations offering health care and personal care services at little or no fee. Those who can not afford costly home help social service organizations are their only recourse. 


Hard it might be, but when you finally have decided for home care service for the elderly member of your family stay positive. Modern elderly homes offer best of medical care and mental support services for elderly people so that they never feel neglected. Living in constant care of doctors, paramedics and trained nurses will help them to stand up on their feet again and look at life with a new zest.