A Bengali bride looks most beautiful in saree. Sarees, especially Banarasi saris have been a coveted possession in Bengali bridal wardrobe. Bengali marriage being an auspicious and elaborate affair is full of events and rituals.  The true essence of Bengali tradition and culture can be found on the eve of a Bengali wedding. So is true with the dressing and attire of Bengali bride and groom.

When we talk about Bengali marriage it inevitably has two aspects – Bengali Hindu and Muslim marriages. Dressing up a Bengali bride on the day of her marriage is quite a complex affair itself. Every woman craves to look her best on the eve of her marriage. In red Banarasi, red veil covering her head and gold jewelries to accessorize a Bengali bride is quite a vision on her wedding day.

Bengali Hindu Bride

Though modern fashion designers are trying to set new trends in bridal wear Banarasi silk sarees will never be out of fashion. Rich in gold embroidery six yards long Banarasi silk sarees are available in wide variety of colors of which red, maroon and pink being the most popular with Bengali brides.

Contrast and combined color themes also work well. But there is no denying that red suits the best with the complexion of Bengali beauties. The color adds to her feminine charm and grace. It also goes with the age old belief that red is the color for good luck and wellbeing which the bride is going to carry to her new home after marriage. 

The Banarasi drapes are complemented with exquisite gold jewelries. Once the makeup is finished the bride’s face is adorned with patterns made with sandalwood powder and red color. A red bindi shines at the center of her forehead. In keeping with the tradition Bengali Hindu bride wears white flower garland and a headdress called Mukut. The groom ideally complements her bride in white Dhoti and silk Kurta. The groom also wears flower garland in order to exchange it with the bride later on at the Mala Bodol ceremony.

Bengali Muslim Bride

Compared to a Hindu Bengali marriage a Bengali Muslim wedding is less complicated and more relaxing affair. Traditionally Salwar-Kameez or Sharara (consisting of long skirt and blouse) are worn by the Muslim brides in Bengal. Influenced by the cosmopolitan culture of Bengal Muslim brides are also seen wearing sarees these days. 

Sharara is made of high quality silk, chiffon or georgette fabrics. Exquisite embroidery and needle work are what make it an elegant and gorgeous bridal wear. Warm shades of red, orange, pink and purple mainly comprise the bridal collection. Stone studded zardozi work all over the apparel is quite popular with Bengali Muslim brides. Dazzling tiaras and matching veils called dupatta adorn her head. Finally she is decked with matching stone studded jewelries to complete the ensemble.

Compared to Bengali Hindu grooms Muslims grooms look much more attractive in colorful Sherwanis or in more traditional and richly embroidered Salwar-Kurta. A gorgeously embellished turban covers the groom’s head making him look proud and he steps in confidence in the wedding hall.