<a href = http://www.aktprintpack.com >Akhtari Trades (Pvt) Ltd</a> , established in 1967, is a fully family owned company it was one of the few companies who manufactured plastic products at that time. In 1983 it ventured into polyethylene manufacturing to cater to the growing tea industry in Sri Lanka, with the growing trend in the world market demanding quality packaging.

We are providing a wide range of packaging films to meet different requirements. Our extensive range includes flexible packaging films for Detergent & Cosmetics, Dairy & Marine, Dry Fruits, Spices & Pulses, Edible Oil & Ghee, Hot & Frozen Foods Packaging and Pharmaceutical products

Our company ventured into flexible packaging in the year 2001 with a fully fledged flexible packaging division with ultra modern factory and state of the art machines. Today we are able to cater to our clients with innovative packaging to compete with multinational brands in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Our clientele includes most of the top 10 tea exporters in Sri Lanka and also some of the largest confectioneries and food packing companies.

In addition we also export to some of our overseas clients in United Kingdom, Turkey, Dubai and the European Union countries; we also handle entrapper shipments for European buyers with all local logistics and services.