Representation of a firm or organization on the Internet is one of a website's vital jobs. Effectively explaining the company's goals and its motives provides essential support for all other website goals.

Why a website is inevitable if you are into any business, an owner of small or medium or big company, or a professional or free lancer?..

A web site can do wonders for you and your business.A web site is an invaluable business tool for both company and  clients.Your web site portrays, as much information available to customers as you think is required.It enables customers to find out all the vital information they need about your firm or products.

It provides information on

- Your Services.
- Your Products..
- Site of your business and your Offerings.
- Special attractions to your clients.

The ultimate aim of any business is increased profit,more customers and contacts,most advanced marketing options,customer satisfaction,hence more business and ultimately greater market shares.

Through an effective web presence,you no longer stay away from your business and customers.They can reach you from any part of the world,at any point of time.And from a monetary point of view,it is the most cost-effective means of advertising.Here your limits on advertisement is absolutely unlimited.

Web Presence is beneficial for both global and local organizations.Established companies can enhance their business by reaching deep into the customers and the small firms or beginners can find their clients and advertise themselves in their budding stage.

 Your website is undoubtedly the major contributing factor to your success, if you are a part of a serious online business,especially if it’s well-designed, user-friendly and informative. The website connects you and the all-important customer base, upon which every business relies. So it makes sense that everything a person sees on a website should project an image that is consistent with your corporate identity.



Mainly 3 types of web sites rule the online business.

They are Static Websites,Flash Websites and Dynamic Websites.

Static websites are regarded as search engine friendly websites.They are text base sites and contain no flashy or dynamic contents.

Flash web sites consists of games, animation or visual effects that are meant for entertainment. Flash sites are an innovative way of presenting your business on to customers with an absolute fresh and novel look.

Dynamic websites are dynamic with their content.It can be used for various applications. The content of the site change from business to business and more,page to page.Users or clients can directly interact with the site for various applications like viewing and updating details,online booking and reservation,chatting and messaging etc.

In addition to web site design and development,another important tool for an effective web presence is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This include a process called search engine optimization process that is done directly in the web site.

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