Prague, the city of a thousand bell towers, is a tourist destination increasingly popular. However, its location and the communist past in Eastern Europe can be daunting to many potential visitors.

When planning a visit, one of the most common is where can I find a hotel or an apartment in the short term in an area that is secure, centrally located and close to tourist attractions? After a quick survey of websites and travel guides, almost all agree that the Old Town of Prague is located in the center and, consequently, many people, accommodation in the Old city becomes a necessity.

Indeed, Prague has more than ten different districts. These neighborhoods have numbers (Prague 1 - Prague 12), as the neighborhoods of Paris, but also the names that correspond to the same districts (Mala Strana, Hradcany, Zizkov ...). Potential visitors who seek maximum value for your money will benefit from a careful examination of these areas, since many of them have their own historic charm, but close to the historical center of Prague, at the same time, of course, many ways that most Western cities.

When visiting the historic city of Prague, tourists often face the dilemma of choosing the option to stay. Besides the fact that the largest city of Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. The city has been designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, with its popularity as a tourist destination. Prague has an apartment; the configuration is in the strategic area of the Czech Republic, residents of homes. Most apartments are part of a condominium that offers life-quarter of the proprietary rights of a person, making them responsible for their maintenance.

Prague also has a budget apartment, which is considered as practical options for travelers. Tourists who are touring in Europe need to locate and identify the budget for housing. Availability of housing, it is possible for tourists visiting the city. Many hotels provide booking of apartments. This can range from several studies room accommodation. Most often, students, visiting Prague, choose to live in apartments in Prague. Are available at prices too low, and students receive discounts on presentation of identity cards.

A number of people who choose to live in apartments in Prague during their visits. They are well equipped and the accommodation options in May still stars. These apartments to meet a limited number of visitors at a time and are well equipped, fast service delivery. This makes them popular with actors, athletes, VIPs and business tycoons. Most often, Prague Holiday apartments in time the list of properties. Most are vacation condominium configurations that are specifically designed to meet the needs of tourists. Reservations in these apartments are available to members during the period. May ordinary tourists choose to live in these apartments, but it would be forced to pay taxes and higher tariffs for members.

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