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Traffic drives online shopping soaring
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By pletcherlvm pletchereolRL
Published on 07/28/2009
Online shopping is like listening to your radio. It addresses just you, there is no multitude.

Traffic drives online shopping soaring
A recent mobile joke that brought a smile and a frown simultaneously when one read it was the possible advertisement for the latest brand of car being launched very soon in India. This car is aimed at the lower segment of working people who had so far been compelled to content with two-wheelers. It foresaw an ad coming up in 2019 that exhorts people to buy 1 so-and-so car and get 10 litres petrol free! The ad will possibly be no joke but reality. As of now, mega cities and metros are choked with vehicles and parking is proving a hellish experience. Lack of parking lot has already been a debilitating factor for r retailers in many cities as various reports on business trends have of late indicated. The parking woe alone is sufficient to drive online shopping soaring.. The hassles of finding a store, weaving through maddening traffic and meeting idiotic traffic rules, and finally not finding an appropriate parking place are all avoidable when one goes online shopping with a free will and pleasure. Though spilling traffic and vanishing parking are reasons sufficient enough to help online shopping grow, there is more than that. A physical store does not welcome a customer with any sincerity for the people employed there may be ill-paid devil-may-care Johnnies who get ‘busy” as customers walk in. The importance and help one gets online is different. The personal attention, the help one gets to locate one’s choice without raising one’s pulse-rate are great reasons why modern, hard-working achievers prefer online shopping to physical shopping. And, we have not yet counted the fuel cost, time and energy we spent on locating a shop. These days when the planet seems to be revolving faster than before, every nano second is precious in life and living. An hour you spent on shopping for just a book could be used more productively at an activity that either brings you money or pleasure. Online shopping is like listening to your radio. It addresses just you, there is no multitude. The customer who goes online even as small an item of a pen is considered king while one may be dismissed with a wave of hand by the busy billing clerk in a department store. A top executive, a highly acclaimed artist or a writer could well use the 1 hour he or she spends searching store in creating valuable service or making his/her love happy. When one estimate the total cost of shopping at a physical store, one would find the cost of the purchase going up by 10-15 percent. This usually escapes attention of many shoppers. It is not the fuel or time and the exertion one tote up in finding out the final cost of a purchase, it also involves various taxes that are paid. Again, online is a saviour in this matter. And, you agree that money saved is money produced. Your perfect gift is out there just waiting for you to find it Best deal products . For easy holiday shopping and some great gift ideas, visit: website.