Most of us today want to purchase used cars not just because they are helpful in saving a lot of money but they are easily available in good shape and condition as well. If you’re looking to purchase a used car then there are certain tips that you need to keep in mind so that you pick the best one. The very first thing would be your knowledge about cars, if you’re new in this market are purchasing a car for the very first time then it is important that you take along a professional or a person who is experienced in this field. He will help you in judging the best car because you don’t want to feel sorry soon after purchasing it. You must know about the history of the car like the year in which it was manufactured, VIN, calculated user, model, country of assembly, the maker of the car, how much it has been used, etc. All these steps will help you in ensuring that you are purchasing a best used car. There are many more tips that you should keep in mind before purchasing a car like running a mobile auto check so that you can find out yourself what the seller is telling you and what he is hiding from you. For example, a salvaged car is rarely tagged so a buyer who is not much knowledgeable will feel embarrassed if he finds out that the car is not covered under any warranty after purchasing it. Most of us assume that a used car may not be equally good in terms of mileage, comfort and life as compared to the new car but if you search and purchase a used car keeping different tips in mind then you can certainly purchase one that is more valued than a new car. Vehicle identification number lets you know about the particular model and the car unit and various experiences that the car had endured. VIN number is graved in different parts of the car so if any major part of the car has been ruined in the accident or has been stolen or replaced you will not be able to see the VIN number on that part. In such a case you should think twice before purchasing it unless the car is manufactured before 1981. Once you identify the vehicle identification number now you can take the help of the companies that are specialized in auto check. Reporting the history of the car is actually tracking its history and information from its year, model unit, how many users have purchased it before you, engine check and odometer reading, how the car has been used or if it has been loaned, etc so that you gain complete satisfaction before purchasing it. To buy used cars or know more about used cars for sale, visit!