Purchasing a used car is certainly a good idea. When you purchase a used car not only you save great amount of money as compared to purchasing a new car but you will also not suffer from any kind of depreciation in its initial years. Before you think of any benefit or advantage of purchasing a used car over the new car you should understand that a new car is subjected to around 60% of depreciation within two to three years of its date of manufacture. Also it is not compulsory that your new car is just perfect. You never know that you may have to experienced trouble or problems with your new car just after few weeks of purchasing it. Although you will be having it under warranty but making several rounds to the service center and getting your car repaired that you have just purchased can be a real tension. Not to forget the cost that you will have to incur on its servicing and maintenance. Also it is not true that a used car does not require any kind of service in fact the cost that you will be spending on the servicing of used car is far less than the new car. So if you are interested in buying best used cars then it is important that you know what is the right way is to find them. Most of the people end up going to the home based Sellers who are looking for interested buyers to purchase their used car so that they can go for a new one. A person who is interested in selling his old car might be selling it to get money, due to the problem that the car is facing or he may be looking forward to purchase a new car. Whatever maybe the reason, going with the home base seller is one of the things that you should avoid if you want to make the right investment in used cars. There are plenty of auction that are held by banks in different areas in your country to sell the impounded or repossessed cars. These cars are being purchased by different people by taking loan from the bank and when such people are unable to pay back the loan, the bank takes the car back from them and sell it to people in order to get back the money. Since the banks have a good number of such cars so they sell it at a very low cost so that they can get rid of it as soon as possible. It is one of the best places where you can get used cars at a very low cost. But if you are unable to locate auctions then you always have a choice of searching used car dealers online. To buy used cars or know more about used cars for sale, visit Mecarz.com!