Precision in one of the tools has been made since ages. It is common for fencers to be very selective on the swords they use. Similarly, if you like writing, then the quality of your writing instruments plays a key role.

Fine writing instruments are rare and exquisite. Take for example pens. In a lot of pens made in the factory, only a few will be really high quality reasonable. This is one of the main reasons why I opt for the hand writing instruments.

Fine writing instruments have a hand and classic elegance about them. This cannot be found in a plant made pen. The best thing is that the Internet has opened a new world of pen manufacturers. Yes, there are hundreds of online artists who craft fine writing instruments.

Tips for Buyers

A smart buyer will always be a complete analysis of a pen before buying it. Contrary to what most people think, there is more than one of its outdoor pen. The pen should feel good in your hands. The weight must be appropriate as well as the pen style.

Here are some factors to take into account during the purchase of fine writing instruments by hand.

• Rarity - Perhaps the rarest finds are the pens that you've heard of in May, but will probably never see. Sheaffer made rare ballpoint pen decorated with beautiful, highly stylized art nouveau swirls.

• Manufacturing - Pens that were decorated with sculptures complex part, love, tree trunk or Japanese designs known as hand painting Maki'e work are usually central to any pen collection.

• Size: The size of the pen must surely be one of the main factors to consider. Take the pen and hold in your hands. T he feels comfortable? If you have large hands, then opt for a pencil with a wider barrel.

• Weight: The weight of a pen can cause fatigue or stress, and even horns in extreme cases. So, always choose a pen that fits your fingers.

• Nib: Without a doubt, one of the most important factors for a serious writer. It is oblique pen, feather pen italic heel or choice. Each of these styles plume modes gives different writing.

• Price: Last but not least, we have the price of the pen. A fine writing instrument should not be judged by the price, but keep an eye on this anyway.

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