Pens has their story to the pen of sticks that were used in ancient times for writing. The word pen comes from a Latin word "Penna," which refers to a pen. The pen is nourished by the idea from the pen to be able to aspire to the ink and keep it, and then be able to deliver on paper. Out of this idea grew a variety of pens such as Cross pens, markers, ballpoint pens reed, feather pens and many others. Pens can be different colors like red, blue, green and black.

The fountain pen was the pens years. With the idea that the pen acted like a stick of ink tank, they have capitalized on this and had the fountain pens. The idea was to have a storage capacity of the ink into the pen, for example, that we would not need a person to constantly dip the pen in the ink from time to time. The main challenge they have faced the leak has been provided with metal feather pens.

Save it to the idea that Lewis Waterman decided to try his hand on making the pen and of course, in 1884, he designed a viable product, one of the best of the time. He has a patent on the pens and this is how he became the pioneer of the industry of writing.

The invention of the pen in 1884 by a seller of insurance called LE Waterman was a major step in the evolution of writing. Until then, anyone who wanted to write a grocery list or a letter or a book has had to rely on dip pens, which were to be dipped in ink every sentence or two. Although dip fountain pens on improving pens made from feathers, they are not the ideal writing instruments.

The fountain pen, which has its own ink, was received with enthusiasm. His invention has made the news. So the name of a shell into the barrel, the ink, the first ballpoint pen to be filled with a pipette. Over time, design a more sophisticated and by pressing a lever or tab on the outside of the barrel is how the pens were filled. Ink use that should be inserted in the barrel has been introduced in the 1950s, and writing with a fountain pen has become a task far less messy.

While most people now use the most convenient ballpoint pens or computers to do their writing work, fountain pens still have a following. Elegant and refined, they are open to the atmosphere, even the most indifferent writing. Available in a number of brands, and prices ranging from easily affordable to the high-end luxury price, pens are the most popular gifts now. The first pens Waterman, Sheaffer, and others are regarded as collectors' items today and are greatly appreciated.

A good pen must be treated with caution. Clean it regularly to ensure that the ink flows easily. Ensure that the pen is properly configured and aligned. Wash the pen in cold water and wipe it dry with a lint-free cloth. Have a retipped the pen of an expert to make it smoother. Always with the pen was up to avoid leaks.

Today you will find that the pens come in nine sizes of the pen. They can either be in italics, oblique or right. The ink composition has also changed a little because these days it is not the only herbal extract. The ink reservoir is made of rubber that you squeeze and insert into the ink bottle and when you release, it is filled with ink.

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