Writing instruments are implements or objects which are used in the process of writing. Although the name suggests in May, most of the writing instruments may be used for various other functions such as painting and drawing. Critical, a writing instrument is characterized by its ability to control to produce a good line. For users who are blind, for them, one of the writing instruments of the population, the stylus is used, which is used with a list of Braille transcription.

Types of writing instruments

- Writing instruments autonomous

These instruments are known to have a useful life as they have physical existence. These can be further divided into two types:

Without pigment

Some of the oldest scriptures of the world are known to have been created by incisions on flat surfaces with rigid tools. Several ancient cultures like the Sumerians, Babylonians and Mycenaean had practiced this form of writing in different styles.

With pigments

Romans were the first to introduce the concept of a pen. Since then, lead pencils transformation suffered numerous occasions and has taken the modern form of wood, graphite pencils. Chalks and crayons are also included in this category.

- Support for writing instruments

These instruments require a pigment added to the opportunity to write and are of no use when it is empty.


This is one of the common writing instruments with a hard edge in ink on the surface.

Dip Pens

These pens have a pen and a small reservoir of ink that is used by capillary action. These should be regularly filled by the ink and a pen holder. Examples are dip pens:

• Reed pens
• Quill Pen

Fountain pens

These pens developed in the 19th century, have a pen, a small room of the ink, and have an outer casing. It can be filled using one of three methods:
• Pipette method
• suction method
• disposable cartridges

Disposable Pens

These were introduced in the 20th century, including ballpoint pens and gel pens.


These are the traditional wooden structures thin cylindrical graphite core.


These instruments have silk and give a blow to result applied to a surface.

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