Website design in Dubai is just as familiar with development, progression and evolution as any other country or sector in the world. Website design teams in Abu Dhabi are constantly at work developing and designing exquisite, functional websites for patrons in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but also in countries on completely different continents.

Although website design in Dubai will endure much of the same changing trends as the rest of the world does, there are some things that will always be unique to web design services in Dubai. Take for example, the use of the Arabic alphabet and the implementation of it into country specific websites. Not many other country's will have the need to make use of Arabic lettering in their website design, as most international websites will be written in English or the home language of the country that it is based in. Specialised Arabic fonts have been designed and are being used across the UAE in newspapers, magazines, on billboards and of course on websites.

All website design teams in Abu Dhabi follow the basic web design trends that are impacting the rest of the world. These trends are always changing, as there is most definitely something new to be offered almost every month.

According to Smashing Magazine, the current website design trends for 2009 follow the path of the following as listed below. It is pretty much definite that web design in Dubai is stepping along the exact same path:

  • Letterpress – a technique that has seldom been used. The actual pressing of letters so that they appear to have been cut out of a piece of paper
  • Rich User Interfaces – improving the usability experience for website users
  • PNG Transparency – Semi-transparent designs used in the background of titles or descriptions, to highlight the title while still enhancing the design aspect
  • Huge Typography – The title says it all. The use of massive fonts.
  • Font Replacement – The standard and more well known fonts of all time are slowly being replaced by more visual fonts that tie in with the overall design of the websites
  • Modal Boxes or Lightboxes – A newer and more design orientated version of pop ups that offer a call to action
  • Media Blocks – Used for video and screencasts to further communicate a message of the website
  • The Magazine Look – Also speaks for itself. It is basically designing the website to have the overall look and feel of conventional print magazines
  • Carousels or Slideshows – Slideshow navigation whereby users can scan through and navigate on the site through means of a slideshow of images or features
  • Introduction Blocks – The use of dynamic typography, inventive copy and attractive design to catch the readers attention in the first 10 seconds of viewing a website

A resource like that is more than likely a general opinion on what website designing in Dubai is currently experiencing. It does give readers an idea of what goes into the extensive process of web page design in Dubai.

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