Transcription Services are creating a huge employment opportunity worldwide. For perspective, a 2006 Market Intelligence Service report of National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) estimates that at least 120-150 companies are engaged in medical transcription there. India has an estimated.

18,000 transcriptionists today, but the number is expected to swell to 50,000 by 2010. Similar acceleration is projected in the Philippines where the number of MTs is pegged to climb from 7,000 to 25,000 by 2010. The growth in transcription is outstripping the ability of the U.S. based professionals to meet the demand. The Volumes continue to climb despite introduction of new technologies from time to time. An estimate by the U.S. Departmant of Labor suggested that the U.S. healthcare industry will need 90,000 additional medical record professionals by 2012.A blended approach is worked out where the there are two or more countries involved depending on the needs clients.


Nevertheless the essentials of Transcription job which are the quality people, educational excellence, information security and technological innovation cannot be compromised at any cost. Regardless of venue, educated and credentialed staff with the right set of skills and training must be available 24x7.


Such employers do find language and dialect barriers. These issues must be faced whether working within different U.S. regions or overseas. As in the U.S., now in other countries too, the female workers work from home as it guarantees a certain level of lifestyle flexibility. At the same time the security is also kept in mind, whereby the employers use digital certificates and encryption (digital signature) and give assurance to their clients that they are connected to a valid server and files are being accessed by authorized individuals only.



Transcription is one field which actually pays very well and may be used by us for a proper paying home based job. It may be used by students or retired persons as a part time job. Transcription Services are provided by many companies and organizations that employ the above. They employ subcontractors and many, whose number is rising, outsource the transcription work.


Generally one who wants to get transcription checks about the quality of employees, the number of hours covered the IT infrastructure one has in place. If there is a U.S. component to the work force. In this digital age companies may have transcriptionists  based in more than one country.


The Medical Transcription industry has created innumerable number of jobs in the Transcription World, the virtual word. If you undergo training as a Medical Transcritionist or a course of Medical Transcription then the chances of being employed by the transcription companies and the online transcription providers are very bright. However, the employers always give preference to crendiateled and experienced candidates.



Another field in which the transcription providers are creating unbelieanle employment is Legal Transcription. There is a huge demand of audio digital typing transcription services for immigration judges, solicitors, film and television production companies, entrepreneurs,legal companies and professionals, tribunals, university academic and market research, focus groups, conferences, consultancies and businesses.


The latest trend is Transcription Service providers hiring free-lance transcriptionists who transcribe in high standards maintaining strict confidentiality. The work is allotted to them and they produce high quality work to the budget fixed. They are in no way less skillful than any other employers of the Transcription providers. They adhere to the standard of transcription and work in co-ordination with the specific requirements and demands of the clients. The turn around time is decided mutually by the provider and the transcriptionists. Some of the companies even allow them to email the final transcription to the clients!