Looking for a new design for your office or feel like your office space is in need of some added colour or warmth - then why not introduce some red office furniture to the theme? Red is best used as an accent colour, with a few red pieces together with white, black or wooden furniture. There is currently a great range of red office furniture available on the market; including red cabinets, red desks and even red drawers.

Red office furniture is great for adding warmth and colour to a light or open space, it will give the space a focal point and something to rest your eyes on as white on its own can be hard on the eye.

As for colour psychology the colour red represents danger, passion, energy, warmth, adventure and optimism but can mean different things to different people and cultures. This takes us to the various themes where red office furniture work particularly well.

Retro – 1960s design ideas usually work well in the office space as it can give the space a vibrant and fun feel. A crisp white design can look spectacular with a red leather sofa and red bar stools.
Oriental – Red is an important colour in some Asian communities where it is a symbol of bravery and signifies good luck. In an oriental theme you can add a couple of red, lacquered pieces of furniture. The oriental theme will not be for everyone but for the right type of business with links to this part of the world, it can be the perfect choice.
Contemporary – In a contemporary office, with white or black as the main colour, you can add some red glass desks or a designer classic, e.g a couple of red Panton or Tulip Eero chairs.

Red office furniture can obviously be introduced in offices without a particular theme, for example computer screens and matching red computer chairs will work in most spaces.

If you just remember that the colour red can be overpowering and shouldn’t be the main colour in any room, then it should be easy and straight forward to create an exciting and stimulating work place.

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