Over the years, email marketing has gained popularity due to the growing number of people who have connected to the internet. Hence, more and more companies have seen the advantages of promoting their products online and utilising the functionality of the Internet. One of the most common and cost effective online marketing campaigns that companies prefer to use is email marketing. But email marketing is a very tricky kind of advertisement that, if not properly use, can work against you.

Below are the top five email marketing best practices that can sure yield you good results:

First Impressions Last

The title that you decide to put in your subject line is probably the most important piece of information in your entire email.

It’s the determining factor whether the recipient decides to open and read your entire mail or just automatically put it in the trash. Always keep it short, never use full CAPITAL LETTERS, exclamation points, or certain words like “free”. Popular email clients such as MS Outlook show previews of emails received, so make sure to have an interesting opening line to encourage recipients to read your entire mail.

SPAM on the plate not on my inbox

Most of the major Internet providers use spam filter protection software to trap unsolicited emails and filter and delete it even before it is delivered to the recipient. Spam filters usually rank each email based on certain criteria and if an email ranks above these criteria, then it’s flagged and automatically deleted. So avoid using words such as “save”, discount, and “£££'s” both in your subject line and content.

Middle of the Week timing

Studies show that the best time to execute a mail-out and get higher response rate is during the middle of the week, Tuesdays - Thursdays that is. Research analysts explain that during these times, people are generally over from their weekend hangovers and are most likely not planning yet for the next one. Hence, they are more open towards communicating with others and, in some cases, are looking for something good to do.

Be Consistent

If your company sends newsletters or has email publications, you have to ensure consistency in both communication frequency and the look and feel of your newsletter. People welcome things that they can grow to expect and are sometimes unappreciative to change. Thus, make sure to create a template for your newsletter and use it as the basis for your future issues.

Add some PERSONAL touch

If you have your subscriber's names, use them! It is important to address your subscribers as individuals rather than as a generic group. A person who feels like he’s being addressed as a single individual is more likely to respond rather than someone who feels like he’s a nameless face in the crowd. It’s not that hard to find email marketing software that can help you add the names of each of your subscriber on your email template and subject line to make it look more of a personal message.

The list can go on and on about the things you should do when launching an email marketing campaign. But the above-mentioned key points should not be missed in order to achieve high level of success rate for your company. Make sure to use email marketing software that can help you create a formidable email marketing campaign.