If your job requires you to stand for long periods of time each day, you've probably seen the back, leg and foot fatigue that can lead to pain, discomfort and irritability. If you are tired of feeling this way, there is a response - anti-fatigue mats.

Doctors of patients every day for back pain. In fact, it is a major industrial accident. Ergonomic, improving your work environment with anti-fatigue mats can go a long way towards reducing these injuries and the promotion of well-being.

Anti matting offers a padded ergonomic surface to rest on the aid to reduce your exposure to cold, heat and vibration that can cause back, leg, foot and ankle fatigue. It also helps to reduce the compression of the spinal cord and increase circulation. Some areas of use at work that may benefit from anti-fatigue mats:

• Work Stations Permanent
• assembly lines
• Clerk & Register Domains
• Service Counters
• Shipping and Receiving Areas
• Areas Machinist
• Automotive Manufacturing
• Welding Shops
• Furniture Manufacturers
• Exhibitions
• Wine Tasting Rooms
• Restaurants, Hotels & Casinos
• Registrars
• Service & Information Counters
• Gifts & Coffee Shops
• Food Preparation Areas
• Cashiers Cages
• Game Tables

When your feet and back trouble, it looks like it hurts and productivity and morale can suffer. It is difficult to do your best when you can think is how much you hurt. Take the pain out of the equation and increase your productivity and you have reason to smile again. It is a fact that if you feel well and what you do, you can accomplish much more.

Anti matting also helps to prevent slips and falls that can cause injury and damage claims of the worker. They offer a non-slip surface which can be used wet or dry as well as applications of oil or slippery surfaces and are approved by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). Other safety features include beveled edges to help make the transition from the floor to the mat gently stripping and security on the edges.

Anti mats come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs, sizes standard rectangle riders production / assembly lines and products Islands, half-circles for the salons. Anti matting is impervious to all chemicals, petroleum products, animal or vegetable fats and are hypo-allergenic, latex and silicone free. They can easily be cleaned with steam or high pressure washed and will not be affected by ammonia, chlorine, bleach and cleaning acid based.

You'll find mats ergonomically adapted to a wide variety of applications such as:

• Restoration - The holes and antimicrobial agents can be added to help prevent mold, mildew and bacterial growth.
• Welding / Shop Machinist - fire retardant, self-extinguishing hard top provides a surface protection that can resist sparks and hot metal is resistant metal chip.
• Healthcare - Antimicrobial agent contributes to the fight against infection and prevents mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Do not absorb liquids, fluids and airborne pathogens.
• Shows - Prohibits the absorption of liquids and fluids. Permanent hair dyes and other chemicals show easily wipe with acetone.
• Electro-Static Discharge - discharge for a conductive ground fast to avoid shock.
• Anti-Slip - Vertical or horizontal groves add traction in areas where it is essential, such as:
• Area car wash Slippery
• Walk-in freezer areas
• Produce Islands
• Dishwashing areas
• Shower areas
• The pool and spa areas
• Dry cleaning areas

Why spend a day more frustrated by the pain and back foot. Anti fatigue matting will boost your back and feet, make you feel like a new person, like energy, at the end of the day you're at the beginning of the day!

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