Anti-Fatigue Mat is a product that provides relief for workers who stand on their feet for long periods of time. People who have jobs involving prolonged standing are at high risk of back injuries and pain. To protect workers and relieve fatigue and pain of the quality businesses use ergonomic products like Anti-Fatigue Mat.

What types of worker needs Anti-Fatigue Mat?

Workers who are at a packing table or on an assembly line would be ideal candidates for Anti-Fatigue Mat. Other workers who could benefit from an Anti-Fatigue Mats

* Kitchen workers
* Hospital workers
* Manufacturing facilities where workers are performing their jobs
* Grocery Clerk
* Laboratory workers
* Any employee who must be maintained for long periods of time

What are the benefits of Anti-Fatigue Mats?

* The promotion of employee wellness
* Increased productivity
* Increased employee morale due to workplace accommodations.
* Reduction of prolonged exposure to cold and heat
* Reduces spinal compression
* Increased circulation.
* Ergonomic design
* Reduction of back, leg, foot and ankle fatigue
* Reduces Back Pain

The pain and fatigue resulting from the rule in the same position for a long period of time can cause stress on back muscles. Symptoms associated with prolonged standing on hard surface
flooring include discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders and back with it later pain in the hands and wrists

Back pain and injury increasingly extract toll on employers and employees. Complaints of back pain and injuries are the most common and costly complaint industrial and one of the most
difficult to musculoskeletal injuries to resolve.

Back pain interferes with the ability of employees to perform their daily task. In addition, a worker in pain exhibits negative personality traits to customers and other workers. By creating an ergonomic solution, using the Anti-Fatigue Mat, workers can complete their day in comfort.

Anti-Fatigue Mat is an ergonomically correct soil that reduces stress and fatigue of the workers who must stand for inordinate amount of time. This may be harmed if they are not standing correctly or too much stress on their backs.

The primary objective of ergonomic safety products is to increase the efficiency of production of man as they interact with humans to produce a product results.

The Anti-Fatigue Mat has the following characteristics:

* Slight
* Easy to clean
* Institute National Security Council has approved floor
* Non-slip
* Non-allergenic, latex and silicone free
* Orthopedic Mats are complete with safety bevel
* All service carts can roll over mats with ease

Low productivity, poor quality products, and accidents can be directly attributed to human error. Human error can be attributed to poor ergonomics. A recent study of 75,000 accidents provided the following conclusions:

* 88% of accidents were caused by unsafe acts
* 10% were caused by unsafe conditions
* 2% of accidents were inevitable

Fatigue and back pain reduces employee morale and productivity. The pain caused by the long-term rule is often overlooked as a factor in lost time and productivity.

As a result, companies lose millions of dollars in reduced productivity, increased workers' compensation, higher insurance rates and absenteeism.

An investment in safety and ergonomics of the products is not only an investment in people, but the bottom line of society.

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