We all know what a trend is, it's something that comes and goes, and often is only around for a few months before the next craze begins. For businesses, trends are an exciting and interesting concept as the offer the opportunity for mass sales on particular items over a short period of time.
To put this into perspective for you, let's talk about music systems. In the 1980s, the walkman was a phenomenon, everyone had one and everyone wanted one. Then the nineties brought the portable CD player and into the new century we have the mp3 player. The older products become obsolete as new technologies are introduced and this shows the basic way in which trends work.
So what are some trends that you could take advantage of now? Well, in the children's market there is bog demand for everything to do with Hannah Montana. This is a TV series aimed at younger kids, and as the star grows older, it will certainly no longer be the phenomenon that it is today. High School Musical is also a popular trend at the moment.
Looking into other markets, there is a big trend at the moment for chef and cookery shows on TV. This means that people are spending more time in the kitchen as they are encouraged by these shows to whip up delicious dishes. So sales in kitchen items are currently higher than they would normally be when this trend is not in season.
So knowing this information what can you do? Well, there is a business opportunity based around everything that is a trend. In fact, you could even set up a business which simply deals in trendy products - as trends come and go you could stock whatever items people are looking for.
Let's talk about how you can do this. First up, you need to find a wholesale supplier of items relating to trends. You'll probably want to use a big company rather than one that just deals in one item, as this will let you change as the market changes.
Next, you need to setup some sort of store presence. You may want to sell at markets, online auctions, or even your own internet site. Anything is possible and all opportunities are viable ways to make an income.
Now what you need to do is browse your wholesale supplier's catalogues for items that fit the trend. If you are very lucky they will offer licensed goods for specific trends, and this means that you will be able to take advantage of people searching for that specific brand.
When you purchase these products at wholesale, you are getting a much lower price than is available to the general public. That means that you will be able to add some margin to your costs which will in turn become your profits. If this is something that appeals to you, and you can see the great business opportunity that lies in selling items that move quickly, read on to discover how you can get access to exclusive distributor prices.
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