Blogs became an everyday activity for many people around the world where they can share their feelings, experiences, and many more. Business blogging became a powerful tool to target customers, and to increase sales for businesses. According to comScore 2008, 77.7 million unique visitors in U.S. out of total 188.9 millions Internet audiences are bloggers. And 77% of total active Internet users read blogs.

Effective ways of using a blog
Personal bloggers use blogs for various purposes. Businesses use blogs in building good customer relation as well as in increasing customer base. Blogs helps in enhancing website traffic, and can be a self-improvement tool.

•    Personal: Many people maintain personal blogs to share their feelings, experiences, and to share their expertise. Bloggers exchange their ideas, ask or give suggestions various topics.
•    Professional: Blogger can also share information on the interested areas. Based on the interest, blogger creates a blog, and share everything about the interest. Blogger can also share the expertise in that particular area with others.
•    Used as a website for company: Blog can be used as a website for the company placing the information about the goods, and services of the company. Blogger shares the experiences of the clients after using the products.
•    To earn money: Many people who blog are making money using them. Blogger can earn few dollars through the blog by placing few ads, and many more. Blogger can earn dollars using many ways to generate income. 37% of personal bloggers are making household income through blogs. Any one who writes the personal blogs can earn few dollars using different options like sponsorships, RSS advertising, etc.
•    Team Communication: Within organizations, senior team creates a blog and uses it as a communication medium. Employee in the organization can share their opinions on the aspects of business. They can give suggestions to overcome any problem in any department. With out wasting time, smooth flow of information is possible among all the levels of employees.
•    Get to know the customers: Using blogs, companies can know the opinions of the customers. Companies can also get any suggestion for improving the customer satisfaction, and many more.
•    Business events: To inform about the business events to the public, and to their customers, businesses use blogs. This blog helps in sharing the information about the events happening in a business.
•    Blogs for public opinion: Effective way of collecting information or opinions about different topics from different people is through blogs. If blogger try to collect the opinions of different people from different place on topic, then creating a blog for that purpose is a good option. Blogger and reader can agree or disagree on a topic based on the content of the blog.

This information gives a snapshot about the effective ways of using a blog both in personal and professional context. Blogging is widely used phenomenon, which is applicable for all prospects like sharing information, businesses, and many more.

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