Stretch marks are common problem that most of us encounter at some point of time in our lives. What are stretch marks? Well, they are scars that actually damage the first few layers of our skin. People find it very difficult to avoid stretch marks. This happens mainly because people don’t take necessary precautionary measures on time. You will find that people who are overweight or skinny suffer more from stretch marks.


Stretch mark removal is no longer difficult with so many means of removing this unwanted problem. There are multiple options. So before you plan to get rid of stretch marks try to get information about all the options. But one thing you should be aware of is that no means can absolutely cure stretch marks. Whatever option you use it will only reduce the appearance of stretch marks so that any one can hardly see them.


The most popular way of treating stretch marks is to use stretch mark creams. These creams are quite effective. These creams can not only reduce the appearance of stretch marks but can also prevent them in future. Stretch marks creams are so popular because they are the least expensive way to get rid of the unwanted marks. Besides they are easy to apply. You can use them the way you use other creams and lotions. Rub it onto your skin once of twice daily as required.


Within a short period of time you can see noticeable effects. For those who are in the early stage can see the difference in as little as a week. You can be assured that as long as you use this cream it will continue to work. And the best part is that using a stretch mark cream will prevent them from occurring again in future.


Another effective way of removing stretch mark is laser surgery. Laser surgery has been introduced a few years back as a great option for removal of scar marks. However this stretch mark treatment is very costly. Hence most of the people can not afford it. For those who can go for laser treatment, it can drastically reduce the appearance of stretch marks though you shouldn’t expect removal of stretch marks entirely.


Specialists say that stretch marks and ugly lines can be reduced safely with laser surgery. There is little chance that it will cause an injury. In fact laser treatment is much safer that surgical procedures like skin tightening procedures and tummy tuck since laser treatment is precisely controlled.


Though laser treatment doesn’t remove stretch marks completely because stretch marks are permanent scars on the layers of skin, laser therapy can lessen the depth of these lines reducing their appearance significantly. Stretch marks that are new and reddish are more likely to respond to laser therapy but it is not going to be very effective for scar marks that have turned silvery white.


Before you go for laser therapy it is advisable that you consult a specialist. If you have dark skin then it is better for you to avoid laser therapy since it can cause hyper pigmentation changes in the skin. For others it is a safe, effective and fast way for stretch mark removal.