A master’s degree program is mostly designed to offer you specialized education in a particular field. In the era of specializations and super-specializations, there is a rising demand for candidates with a superior level of education and training. Particularly, there are some fields where the demand outstrips the supply, leading to very attractive pay packages for the candidates in those areas.

Here is an overview of some of the highest paying fields of study for those who plan to pursue higher education:

  1. Technology: Any field related to science and technology, including the new upcoming fields such as telecommunications, biotechnology and nano-technology are some of the best paying areas for your career. Every industry wants to have an edge in technology over its competitors therefore there is a consistent demand for candidates having a sound educational background in any technology related area.
  2. Law: This is a traditionally high paying field. There is an ever-increasing demand for students with a background in law because the number of lawsuits and legal work goes on increasing in all spheres of the society. Therefore, the students can expect to attain high pay in this profession.
  3. Dentistry: With the advancements in dental techniques and technology, the scope of dentistry has widened over the years. The candidates who opt for dentistry as a subject can hope to earn a higher income than those in many other fields. The professional fees of an independent dentist are very high nowadays, even for those who may work as assistants or related jobs in the field.
  4. Economics and Finance: There is a great demand for those with specialization in the field of economics and finance. There are high paying lucrative areas such as investment banking or portfolio management where one can expect to earn a lot. Economics is also a very wide field with opportunities in consultancy, academics as well as banking and industry.
  5. Business Management: A Master’s in business management or business administration is one of the most sought after courses because of its high demand in the industry. Companies are willing to pay very high salary packages to deserving candidates because every company wants to outperform their competitors by building a strong team of managers.
Computer Science and Software programming: The advancements in the field of computers and the advent of Internet based technologies have created a revolution in this field. There is a constantly rising demand for top talent in this area, and one of the best pay packages can be expected here among all industries.

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