Tribal jewellery has a timeless charm about it. They come in amazing and exotic designs which never go out of style. These items are unique, because they capture the culture and tradition of various tribes of the world. The aura of mystery which they carry sets them apart in all respect.


Tribal jewellery is made from natural materials like bones, coconut, wood horn shell, zamac, pearl, surgical steel, cotton etc. Shiva eye or the protective covering found at the opening of the Turban snail shell is also hand crafted into wonderful jewellery items. At times beads, stones, gems, silver, gold are embedded into the materials to give it a more resplendent look. The materials are even suspended intuitively through wires to give it an extraordinary look.


Tribal-inspired items available today are delicately carved by the deft use of hand and hammer. The various handcrafted tribal items include big tribal hoop earrings, split spike and hook earrings; wooden, glass and bone bracelets; silver, bone, horn, brass, shell pendants, ear plugs, ear and nose studs, body piercing, hair sticks etc.


Wood, bones and horns have been used to make jewellery as a natural material, since times immemorial.  They are hard but pliable. They take up polish quickly and retain their sheen for long. Most importantly, these items make for durable and can be shaped into attractive jewellery items. Wood jewellery for instance is made from ebony wood, bayong, rosewood, robles, and many other exotic woods.


Body piercing jewellery items are a rage today. Piercing jewellery made of bone, horns and Shiva eye have regained popularity with fashionable persons. Tribal piercing jewellery has become the latest fashion statement. Fashion apart, many sport them to show off their fullness. Some piercing items include banana bells, body spirals, ball closure rings, naval jewellery, clip-in-accessories etc.


Tribal jewellery combines the elements of culture and their faith together. Its mystique is always unique.