What are the basic points related to logo designing?

The importance of logo designing and its role in brand establishment is evident to any business. They are the symbolic representation of an organization. Its designing can be done at highly customized levels. Logos should be designed in vector graphics since this medium has the capacity to easily enlarge or shrink images without affecting their quality. The main intention of a logo is to create brand awareness among consumers. A logo gives identification to a company among its competitors, as customers associate a logo with an organization. Any brand that has become a household name has a logo for its market identification.

What is the importance of logo redesigning?

The logo that is re-designed can be done partially making few changes in the existing one, or design an entire new company logo which acts as combined representative of the organizations. Sometimes companies undergo merger, so their websites need to have a new logo for them. When two or more business entities decide to merge for a common goal, mergers and acquisitions take place. There are times when a particular product or brand reaches the saturation level and stops to give the desired profits. In such circumstances brand makeover helps, logo redesigning is one of the main step. Logo redesigning gives a new public image to a company. Logo redesigning can rectify any errors committed previously that aimed towards incorrect customer targets which gave negative image to the company.

Describe various forms and types of logos?

Symbol logo is devoid of letters and words, it contains only images, shapes and symbols. Many unspoken messages can be communicated through selection of symbol which has to be made very carefully as it might have diverse meanings in different cultures, especially when your business is spread globally.

Text logo contains mainly your company’s name, here graphical elements can also be inserted. Borders, lines, boxes, letters, etc can be used in logo designing for better interaction. Text logos should have trademark protection which would make it unique and outstanding.

Combination logo consists of both graphic image and business name. It works best for business that are small or medium sized, or a company that has started their business recently. This logo type helps in creating strong brand recognition and is visually very strong.

Those were some very initial questions of logo designing been answered. It is a very vast field and have very high contribution for brand establishment in the market.

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