Columbia is the capital of South Carolina. It is also known as the Capital City. Compared to other cities in America it is mid-sized but is the largest city in the South Carolina. The city has a population of over 700,000. Columbia is said to have one the top 30 “Most Livable Communities” in the country.  Because of this housing in Columbia is witnessing a boom. Columbia today has a lot to offer to those willing to stay in the city. You can find home and apartments at expensive as well as reasonable rates in the city.

Columbia Rental Homes and Apartments

The broad avenues, less clustered streets and warm climate lends a special charm to Columbia. So many find this place one the best little cities to raise a family. Staying here is not expensive at all. Homes are affordably priced. Many families, as well as college students can easily find homes in locales of their choice. There are several agencies in Columbia who can help you search for apartments, home rentals or Columbia SC homes for sale. Classified ads or internet listings are also good places to search for rental homes in Columbia SC, rental apartments, condos and a wide range of other living options to suit your living needs.

Living in Columbia

Residents of Columbia highly value the laid-back style of the city. In fact this style of living is not known in any part of America. The features of the city which makes it very appealing to others include low crime rates, minimal traffic, and comfortably located and easy to access shopping marts, recreation centres, and grocery. It is a city with true Southern Charm and offers plenty of big city amenities with a cosy neighbourly feel. Apart from the above mentioned the city is well known for performing art centres, libraries, annual music and cultural festivities, parks and other places which assure you a pleasant experience of the highest order.