Manual Directory Submission is now becoming the trend in starting any Internet marketing campaign. In the offline world a new business would list their information in trade journals, yellow pages, phone directories and any other medium they could list in. It is much the same for Internet marketing except it is much easier and less expensive to accomplish the same task.

What you are effectively doing by submitting your site to a directory is telling the world that you are open for business. The search engines crawl the directories often looking for new meat to sink their spiders teeth in. Listing in directories is the fast approach to getting your website crawled and then indexed in a natural fashion.

Being indexed naturally is preferable because you won’t trip any search engine alarms. The end benefit is that you will get spidered and indexed at no cost (if you list in the free directories). Another benefit that I have noticed is that Google AdSense tends to pay more per click when I am found naturally as opposed to force feeding my site to the spiders.

In Google’s massive attempt to fight click fraud they have implemented complex algorithms to detect the possibility of click fraud before it starts. On December 2, 2004 Google’s CFO, George Reyes said “I think something has to be done about this really, really quickly, because I think, potentially, it threatens our business model”. (see click fraud CNN Report)

Google has had plenty of time to initiate click fraud algorithms and is continuing to enhance them all the time. They must protect the integrity of the click-through to their clients’ web sites. One method of doing this is spotting aggressive strategies to gain indexing and penalizing sites by paying lower click rates. Though Google has not admitted to this strategy, you may run your own tests, as I have, and it is pretty easy to figure out.

The force feeding methods like blog and ping do still work. I have a few web sites that make some good AdSense revenue from blog and ping jobs but sometimes I try to re-create that success using the same strategy and I get less than optimal results. I believe that Google’s algorithm is still missing some aggressive techniques, sometimes. I, for one, would rather start using search engine friendly methods now because it is just a matter of time before all aggressive techniques are caught and rendered useless.

Blogger and Wordpress are savvy to the game or else they wouldn’t have implemented their strict captcha systems. Both systems are getting more aggressive all the time in their fight against mass blog and ping strategies. The search engines don’t like it and what they don’t like will eventually die. Look at it this way… If it can die, it will.

The only method that can’t die is playing by the search engine rules. Get indexed naturally and you will reap the reward in the end.

Sure doing things right is time consuming, but so is doing things wrong. Sure you can make money doing things wrong, but I promise you, the strategy will lose its effectiveness over time. Why not concentrate on the plan (The Plan - backlink) that I have set in front of you? It takes the same amount of time and effort and you will make more money in the end.

The most time consuming part of my entire strategy is submitting your web sites to the directories. The goal of this report is to show you how and where to submit your web sites. Once you know how to do it yourself, you will see the value in outsourcing this task the moment you can afford to.