Google search continued to be number one among the search engines for September 2008. According to Nielsen, market share of Google is 59.70%, Yahoo has 18.10% and MSN has 11.8%. Google, with 4.83 billion search queries, increased to 20.8% from September 2007 to September 2008. The search queries of Yahoo increased by 1.5% and MSN search queries increased by 7.10% from September 2007 to September 2008.
Google continues as market leader with little drop in market share by 0.3%
Google once again topped in search engines market share. Google’s market share improved from 54% in September 2007 to 59.70% in September 2008 but decreased by 0.3% when compared to previous month. In the past 2 months there was slight decrease in market share, in July the share was 60.2% and in August it came down to 60.0%. Search queries in Google have significantly increased by 20.8% to 4.83 billion queries in September 2008 from 3.99 billion queries in September 2007.

Yahoo market share decreased by 1.40%
With 18.1% of total share of search engines, Yahoo is in second position. Market share of Yahoo registered a negative growth of 1.40% from September 2007 to September 2008. Yahoo has registered fluctuations in their market share with a high of 19.5% market in September 2007 and a low of 16.6% in June 2008. Yahoo search queries slightly increased by 1.5% from 1.44 billion queries in September 2007 to 1.46 billion queries in September 2008. Despite of best efforts, Yahoo is struggling to retain its market share.

MSN market share slightly went down to 11.8%
MSN is at third position with 11.8% of total share of search engines. MSN registered a positive growth by 1.1% when compared to previous month. It decreased by 1.40% when compared over year but consistent when compared to previous months. The search queries in MSN increased from 0.89 billion in 2007 to 0.95 billion in 2008, with an increase of 7.10%.
AOL market share decreased to 4.1%
AOL managed to be in forth position with 4.1% of total share, even though it is decreased by 1.90% from September 2007 to September 2008. The market share of AOL is fluctuating. In February it was 5.2% and since then the market share showed downward trend till July. The market share is decreased by 0.9% when compared to August. Search queries decreased by 24.60% as the number of search queries decreased to 0.33 billion from 0.44 billion from 2007 and 2008.

Total number of search queries increased by 9.4%
The number of search queries during last year is considerably increased by 9.4%. The top three search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN holds 89.6% of US search engine market share for the month of the September, 2008. Total number of search queries in September 2007 is about 7.39 billion and there is an increase of 0.7 billion of total estimated number of search queries up to September 2008 to reach 8.09 billion.

Google continued its leadership in search engine market shares. Yahoo stands at second but the difference between the first two ranks is huge and there is a clear decline in Yahoo search engine market share but queries are slightly increased. MSN is struggling to maintain the third position with its inconsistent market share. Top three search engine queries are increased at the cost of small search engines like AOL and other search engines. Top three search engine accounts 89.6% of market share.

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