If you are recreational jogger, an athlete or an aspiring professional, you need to get yourself geared for the perfect comfort for your feet - your running shoes.

The benefits of buying running shoes that are comfortable are many

1.) You can run longer without your feet aching for the need of space

2.) Your toe doesn’t hurt by snubbing on the end of the shoe. (remember that your feet will expand while your run)

3.) You don’t acquire blisters

4.) You don’t hurt your ankles or get a knee pain and hip pain

Go for expensive running shoes if you are an athlete. For recreational purposes also an expensive, well fitting shoe would be more prudent, but not a necessity.

Buy from a specialty shoe store

The benefits you get from buying shoes out a of specialty store are the below

1.) You get to try out the new shoes on a treadmill

2.) You get advise on the which shoe is right for your gait

3.) Your ankle movement will be observed to get you the right level of shoes

It basically boils down to better professional service. You would end up spending the same amount on shoes bought from a retailer, but would get this kind of professional advice.

Some brands you can try out include Nike, Mizuno, Adidas, Saucony, Brooks, Reebok and Under Armour.

All these brands have good quality shoes. The new technology of balance shoes is implemented in all these brands. This feature allows better stability while running.

Make sure you run a few strides at the store

It is not possible to judge the running comfort of the shoes by walking in them. Put them on and do some mock jogging. If there is a treadmill available you should try running a few paces.

Remember that the shoe has not been broken in and so would feel a little stiff. That’s ok. What you need to check is if your toes and touching the edge of the shoe. You should have your jogging socks on to get a better idea.

Check for the shock absorption but jumping and landing on the heels first and then landing flat. The front portion and the heel portion of the shoes are endowed with shock absorption.

Few more test you can execute

a.) If you have thick toes it makes sense to go for a shoe which has a wider toe box

b.) Make sure the shoe is flexible by standing on your toes, it should bend smoothly

c.) The heel counter should be stiff and bulky for better

d.) Go for a curved shoe as it is more comfortable

e.) Place the shoe on a flat surface and ensure that its does not rock. It would rock if there is an imbalance on the sole.

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Running shoes are expensive but a good investment as far as your comfort is concerned. Find a wide range of Under Armour shoes right here at discount rates.