Search engine optimization is concerned with many aspects of a website and deals mainly with white hat or organic SEO techniques. All websites aim towards improving their ranking and position in the major search engines results.

Meta description tag is very important part from SEO point of view. The users as well as search engines get an idea about what the web page contains. Therefore its vital to summarize the website content . Ideal length of meta tag description is about 160 characters, if you frame more than it gets deleted. Avoid framing meta tag description that contains information not related to the web page content. It should have use of other words also other than keywords/phrases. Don't create meta description similar for all the web pages of a website, change it according to the pages.

Each of your web page should have a separate title page thats unique to that particular page. This section inform the users about the details of the web page. Usually all title tags of web pages has related important information and name of the company or the website. Experts advice not to record lengthy title tags and similar title tags for all the pages of a site. Take care that the title tag contains information that is relevant to that present on the web page. 

From SEO point of view a website that has easy navigation facilities is a hit among visitors. Search engines also gets help in indexing the web pages with it. All pages of your website should be interlinked in a proper manner and display the right page when clicked at the link. Sitemaps of XML and HTML helps the search engine spiders in easy crawling and indexing.

According to experts drop-down menus should be avoided. Do not index 404 page in search engines. Create website that are simple and not complex as simple sites are much easy to navigate. The pages of HTML sitemap has to be well-organized.

For better indexing of a website the URL structure should be search engine friendly. To accomplish this task put expressive categories and proper filenames in your site. Do not choose lengthy URL names, also all web pages should not have same URL. Avoid deep structured subdirectories and improper directory names.

Following these tactics by your SEO experts would guarantee greater SEO success and goal achievement.

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