Selection of server whether shared or dedicated depends upon the various factors like intended web traffic, size of the website, expected growth and the content. In dedicated servers, it serves one client at one time. A skilled and experienced web master should keep in mind the possibilities for unexpected traffic surges. Therefore proper amount of speed, data transfer and accessibility should be maintained.

As a characteristic of dedicated server, a single domain can be used for the overall processing speed and disk space. As a result you get better site performance and leads to effective data transfer. This type of hosting can be managed by the host itself. Dedicated hosting manages physical server and also offers many other services like upgradation, maintenance, system administration and installation of software. Such type of managed servers are preferred more as the host can offer immediate emergency service if the server crashes down. When you use dedicated server, be sure of the website usage increase and its related earnings. If your website has poor sales, than you might not get maximum ROI involved in hiring this server and its facilities.

The reliability factor of the customer regarding the web host depends largely on its past performance. Before signing in to the final agreement see to it that the web host maintains the required level of security both physical and virtual in order to ensure data security and prevent any kind of data theft. Compare the various hosts on different grounds like the bandwidth, amount of memory, processor speed and type and hard drive size. Such things can be also customized and upgraded as and when required.

Websites that are smaller and have average amount of web traffic to their credit may go for the shared server. Cost wise also it is cheaper in comparison to dedicated server, but the amount of disk space, data transfer, speed and bandwidth is restricted or limited. A single shared server hosts multiple websites with different businesses types. Despite of the server offering limited amount of disk space and bandwidth, if there is excess amount of net traffic on other websites it could affect your site accessibility too. These servers usually have many different kinds of packages and offers to choose from. Here the web master is charged only for the amount of space and service being used by them. 

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