One of the most exciting aspects about becoming an author and writing a book is the potential income you can make. We are not talking about standard royalties which are nice but do not let you quit your day job, we are talking about six figures. I know that sounds like an overblown marketing claim, however I can tell you that it is true and it can happen to you. Here's how:

Writing a book increases your credibility. No matter what your passion is, whether it is cleaning and organizing or helping people with ADHD, writing a book on your subject will dramatically increase your credibility. Imagine this, you are getting a pet parrot and you know as a future parrot owner that they require special care and training. Intelligently, you begin to look for parrot experts to help you with the process.

You find several avian veterinarians and even a few bird training experts online and in your community. One of them has a book. Who do you go to for information? Odds are you probably buy the book and then if you need further assistance, you contact the author. Why? Because the book is easily accessible and because they must be an expert - they published a book. When YOU publish a book it will have the same effect on those looking for information on your topic. Your credibility increases, and so too does your income.

Writing a book enables you to become a household name. We are talking about branding, publicity, and notability. These happen when you change people's lives and when you're an expert. You do not have to be an expert on world peace to get the kind of notoriety I am talking about. For example, let's say you' are an expert on training dogs. Now maybe you have been working as a dog trainer and doing quite well for many years. Now you write a book and all of a sudden you're working in celebrity homes helping them with their dogs, you are on Oprah, and you have your own dog training show. Just as the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan.

Writing a book enables you to build an empire. What do I mean by this? Taking the parrot expert example used earlier, the beginning of the empire is a book on parrot care or parrot training. The tip of the iceberg, the most expensive product you might offer would be one on one parrot training and coaching. In the middle lie an abundance of products all related to parrot training. You could offer DVDs, parrot training products, healthy food options, cages and care products, you could offer parrot training and care workshops the list goes on and one. The foundation of your product line...your book.

Writing and publishing a book can mean so much more than sitting and waiting for those measly royalty checks in the mail. Writing and publishing a book can literally mean thousands of dollars in your bank account each month. Credibility, opportunity, notoriety, and lots and lots of products are all the result of one simple step - writing and publishing a book.

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Bob Burnham
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