Writing a book will end cold calling. Imagine talking to a potential customer and being able to say, "Let me give you a copy of my book." This is a huge selling point. They may never actually read your book, however simply because you have one tells your prospective client you are an expert in your industry and you are so confident in your knowledge and abilities you have written a book on the subject. Seriously, would you rather do business with a company you know nothing about or a company who has written a book on the subject? Most of us would rather go with a company who has written a book, we are more comfortable with them. We are instantly more confident in their skills. Your customers will be too. In fact, I have know business owners who simply had to say "let me send you a copy of my book," and the potential customer made a purchase on the spot. They did not even have to see the book, just the mention of publication was enough to give them confidence.

Writing a book will bring customers to your door. Having a book available and on the market will bring customers to your door. For example, imagine you are exploring the possibility of running a marathon. You buy a book or two on the subject. During your training you decide you need more help getting proper form so you go back to the author of your book, visit their website and book a weekend training camp with them. Now if you had not read the book, how likely is it you would have booked their particular training camp? Not likely. The same is true for your customers. Regardless of your business, when people read your book they will look to your for more information. It does not matter if you run a product oriented business like selling running shoes or a service related business like fitness training, the concept works the same. You won't have to pound on doors to make sales because customers will be pounding on your door.

Writing a book will open up opportunities for you and your business. Continuing with the same example from above, the fitness trainer writes a book and runs marathon training camps. The book catches the attention of a television producer, a news program, or maybe even the manufacturer of a running product like shoes. They contact you and offer you an opportunity. Maybe you are asked to be an expert on the local news, maybe you're offered a radio or television program or maybe your name is attached to a new product. All of it means more money for you and an expansion of your business and your company name.

There's no doubt about it, a book can eliminate the stress associated with HAVING to make sales. When you write a book, sales will automatically happen and you can focus on the more interesting tasks of being an entrepreneur - namely growing your business!

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