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Practically anyone with reasonable wealth or a decent income could benefit from the services of a financial planner. Financial planner means someone with the expertise to make a comprehensive financial plan for an individual household.

Expenses in Mutual Funds

Mutual funds bear expenses similar to other companies. The fee structure of a mutual fund can be divided into two or three main components: management fee and non management expense. All expenses are expressed as a percentage of the average daily net assets of the fund.

5 Ways to Get Lower Home Insurance Rates

Your Home insurance policy is the significant part of caring your most valuable asset: Your home! Home insurance protects many things: your personal property, liability, as well as loss of use.
Decided to go in for a credit card? But do not know how to select? The explosion of cards in the market would simply confusion in the procedure of choosing. You can, of course, choose to move with whatever comes your way, or whatever your friend recommends, but if you at least want a sense of some of the tips and tricks that you could check to get a better card.
Even with hints of recovery, it is not easy to scope out the economy's direction and even difficult to make financial decisions for your family in such rough and tumble times. The following strategies can help to strengthen your money management skills. All are designed to give you an edge during the tough times.

Current Scenario in Indian Real Estate

The endless excitement of real estate sector in India witnessed during the last few years is finally started showing signs of recession.