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Knut Holt

Knut Holt is an internet consultant and marketer focusing on health items.

In his web-site there are information useful to stay young and healthy and to regain good health. There are also presented products to increase fitness, prevent disease and help get rid of specidic health problems in most organ systems of the body, and against mental problems.

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Lack of vitamin D seems to be common in many populations and this increases the frequency of weak bones, heart problems, poor blood circulation, cancer, aging signs and age related diseases. Here you can read about the functions of vitamine D and how to get enough of this substance.
A thick or bulging stomach can originate from too much fat under he stomach skin, too much internal fat, weak stomach muscles and digestive problems. Here are diet and training exercises to get a strong, flat and nice stomach.

Financial Crisis - Dynamics and Causes

A financial crisis seems to occur with fairly regular intervals. Here you can read about the characteristics of an financial crisis and the reasons why such an event occurs.
A good lifestyle is the best way to prevent diseases in the heart and blood vessels or to regain good circulatory health. From this article you can learn about the necessary lifestyle measures to achieve this task.
You can use free affiliate programs to earn money from your web-traffic. You get a code for a link to a web-shop from the program and you place that link on your web-site. Sales, leads or clicks from that link into the shop wiill give you a commission.
Some types of food can trigger inflammation and rheumatic conditions, and others can ameliorate inflammation and rheumatism. Therefore a proper diet can help reduce rheumatic and inflammatory conditions.

How to Keep Yourself Young and Healthy

A survey of the lifestyle components necessary to prevent disease and to stay young as long as possible.

Modern Drugs to Treat Acne

Acne can be treated with rinsing solutions, treatment creams and pills to be taken by mouth. Here you can learn about the use and effects of these drugs and about common ingredients in these products.
In this article you can find a survey of the modules necessary to solve the World's energy shortage and the dangers of continued use of fossil energy sources.
Most instances of pain or stiffness in the joints, back or muscles are not due to any specific progressive disease process. These problems are mostly caused by wearing, small injuries and chronic muscular tension due to lifetsyle fators. Such problems can be treated or avoided with lifestyle measures. Here you can read how.