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    So you have been living in your house now for a few years now with a mortgage plan to have the house paid off within the next ten years, the housing market reached an incredible low in the year 2009, a good investment would be to maintain the integrity of your home as well as the appearance.

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    Article Extreme is a fast-growing free article directory. We use tight sub-categories for your article submissions to ensure your niche markets.

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    Manual Directory Submission is now becoming the trend in starting any Internet marketing campaign. In the offline world a new business would list their information in trade journals, yellow pages, phone directories and any other medium they could list in. It is much the same for Internet marketing except it is much easier and less expensive to accomplish the same task.
    Directory submission is the process of submitting site URL to web site directory. The process is not merely filling the form at directory submission page but also involves more than this. Now the question comes what all is involved in manual directory submission process. So following are the steps involved in Manual Submission of websites.
    Search Engines are the major source of traffic for any website. High search engine ranking can boost number of your visitors and in turn leads to increase in sales. The best way to get top search engine placement is to improve link popularity by having one way inbound links from theme based sites or pages, with different optimized anchor text, from different IP Class blocks and domains. This can easily be achieved by buying Internet web directory listings. Directory promotion is one of the best methods of website promotion. Before buying directory listing or registeration you must check the following points to ensure that you are going to get what you need.
    There are lot of websites which are fully or partially clone of ODP (Open Directory Project).These websites or part section of websites, which are using ODP script to reformat the data on there site are useless and they have no original new contents. It is learnt that search engine specially Google is purging or banning such kind of sites. Why search engines are against Dmoz clone sites? Is the data in them not worthwhile or are they been misused by site owner's? We will try to find our reason, but before that let us first understand all about Dmoz Directory
    A directory submission is a process of submitting URL to various web directories either to do it manually or by automatic software. All directories submission form has email column which is compulsory in all cases. So you need email ID and domain email works better as directory editor have confident that submission is genuine. Now the question it that why it should be separate valid email the reason are

    Directory submission is the cheapest and best way top get traffic and one way link for your site. Directory Submission Company usually takes the job and manual submissions are completed within a shortest time. What are the affect of such submissions on your web site ranking in search engines results.

    Manual Directory submission is a process of submitting your web site to free, non reciprocal web directories by humans. The major factor in this service is wither the site has been actually submitted or you have just send the list of directories.